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About my coaching

Welcome to a transformative integrated coaching experience where your investment, dedication, and effort will pave the way to your desired results 

As your #1 Advocate, I am committed to guiding and supporting you on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

Your success depends on you and your willingness to embrace the journey as an important investment in yourself.  I cannot do the work for you; you are the driver of your own destiny. My role is to help you to embrace that responsibility, then guide, motivate, and inspire you while introducing alternative perspectives, information and tools specifically designed to help you along the way. 

I act as your GPS, providing direction, strategizing the journey. The destination is yours to choose, and it's okay if it evolves as we progress.  Think of it this way:  All epic journeys have detours and stops.  They add fun, adventure and excitement, so we remain flexible and embrace those as we travel forward.  Afterall, that's what exploration is all about.
I am a high performer and a de-mystifier, driven by passion, tenacity, and a practical approach. Together, we will identify your strong WHY - your motivation drivers, which are vital for your success.


Where do you wish to go?

Who do wish to become so you can do what you wish to do?

My coaching style is rooted in curiosity and genuine compassion.  Through reflective inquiry and a no-nonsense approach, I empower you to find  solutions and answers that work best for YOU. 


I will ask you many questions, requiring honesty with yourself and me. Some may be challenging, others may be provocative, but I will NEVER take you where you do not wish to go. Respect and integrity make up the backbone of my services.

​Did you know that your growth potential lies within the disconnected pieces of you and your stories?


Together, we will uncover these hidden gems and use them as fuel. You will discover what is limiting you from higher levels of performance and achieving the fulfillment and happiness you desire and deserve.

Using proven neurolinguistic techniques, we will take reflective journeys into your stories, designed to collect more information that will re-wire your current thoughts and behaviors, ones that no longer work for you. 


As a result, you will feel liberated, more in control, and more motivated than ever to navigate your life with renewed vigor.  You will think differently and behave differently, which in turn causes others to treat you differently; better than before.   

As your personal best life advocate and thinking partner, I bring a wealth of experience and understanding from my own life's challenges. I have walked the path, and that allows me to guide you more efficiently toward your desired destination.

Association for coaching Accreditation Badge
ANLP Professional Member Badge
Jay Shetty Coach Certification Badge

I am a Certified Jay Shetty Life and Success Coach and founding 2020 graduate member of the Jay Shetty Certification School (JSCS); an AC affiliated/recognized coaching school.  

I am an AC Accredited Foundation Coach. The AC is a global Institution and one I am proud to be a part of. As such, I am continuously training and developing my services to ensure I provide excellent quality relevance and remain up to date with industry and new and exciting coach modalities that complement my coaching.

I am also a Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a professional member of the ANLP.


Insurance and liability:  My business operates under the legal entity name of Expectations Reset LLC, a USA Florida registered company.  I carry professional liability insurance for the services I provide.  (A copy of my insurance certificate is available upon request). 

Ethics:  I adhere to the AC GLOBAL CODE OF ETHICS For Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors. More information about this code and its application is available via this link: 

Continued development and education: is a requirement of both the AC and ANLP, but it is also my personal quest to provide ever higher quality services, because YOU matter.  


Coaching longevity:  I have been actively coaching during my career lifetime, but professionally for over three years.  I coach professional adults currently on-line, and locally in person. 

GIVING BACK:  Integrity and inclusivity are core values of mine; I believe we are all equally different and therefore equally valuable in our unique way. This is why I do philanthropic coaching work by giving back to various communities. 

MY JOURNEY BEFORE COACHING: Reflecting on my life, it has been a dynamic tapestry filled with high-stress events and numerous personal transformations.


Originally hailing from the UK, I now call the United States my home. Within this diverse landscape, I proudly wear many hats – wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, neighbor, and even a grandmother! Life has presented me with its share of ups and downs, having experienced three marriages, both mental and physical challenges, and a long career as a senior corporate leader.

Throughout my professional journey, I have thrived in various organizational settings and teams, consistently finding myself in the spotlight under immense pressure. Balancing those demands with my personal life has been challenging and rewarding. My passion for fitness has also been a constant companion for over 40 years, underscoring the importance of a fit body and a nimble mind.

With each twist and turn, I have gathered a wealth of life experience and wisdom. Today, as a business owner and solopreneur, these diverse experiences have shaped my perspective profoundly. I firmly believe that the key to navigating life and excelling in it lies in embracing the various "perspectives of self."

Life is a journey encompassing both joy and pain, and while some level of pain is inevitable, suffering need not be. I have come to understand that the suffering we endure is often tied to our mindset, how we perceive ourselves, and how we approach life's challenges. Our minds wield immense power, and I firmly believe that despair and burnout are avoidable burdens. 

Please check out my career credentials to my LinkedIn profile.

My mission is to empower others to become the best version of themselves, free from unnecessary suffering.

As a coach, I am here to help reset and guide you towards discovering your true potential and fostering a healthy mindset that unlocks the possibilities life has to offer. Together, let's embrace your journey, celebrate your growth, and create a fulfilling life where you thrive as "your best-self."

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