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Your Complimentary Introduction Call

This is a no-obligation type call. I will not sell my coaching services to you.  That is not the purpose of this time together.  


This 45 minute session is your opportunity to be inquisitive, share, learn and be fully heard.  You get to ask me any question you have about life coaching, my practice, and me as a coach and person.  Our space and time together is a safe one full of mutual respect, honesty and confidentiality. 


We will discuss your needs and what you wish to achieve from being coached. It is important that you explain what you feel your needs are, your desired goals, and what is troubling you the most.  I wholly understand and respect that choosing the right coach is a big decision.  It is a self-investment and personal commitment to your overall well-being and growth.  That is why I dedicate 45 to 60 mins to you at no charge.  Your personal success is important to me too.


If you choose, during this time you may also like to experience what it feels like to be coached by me. Guided only by you according to your willingness and needs, we will discuss which of my packages may be the most suitable.  You decide every step of the way.

Why not use the "BOOK NOW" button below to schedule your introductory call with me?


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