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What Clients Are Saying

"I’ve had a amazing soul stirring journey with Maxine. I approached her as I was drawn to her niche and curious to know more . I discovered core values of myself that I wasn’t aligned with and didn’t realise uncovering one would lead to so much more and the Pandora’s box opened . I feel so liberated and confident and so much more self love as a result of this and the best part is the sessions maybe over but the awareness has heightened and leaves me with so much to think about and evolve . Thank you Maxine for helping me discover TRUTH. Ever-grateful"   - A. Shetty

"Maxine has helped me to become aware of the expectations that I place on my life. I have been able to understand myself more through her coaching. I have made some small steps towards big goals and I have really become more of who I am through her guidance and support. I have been able to build my capacity in many different aspects of my life through her coaching. It has been a pleasure to work with her."   - C. Irvine

"Maxine has been very instrumental in my life guiding me to see areas that I didn't look at before, my blind spots. First, she made me feel very comfortable about opening up about my life issues very quickly. I felt I could trust her from the beginning because of her empathy and understanding of my situation………..
I wanted to spend more time understanding my emotions and how I process them. ……..  Maxine guided me to do some self-awareness …...
She asked me questions that led me to more self-discovery and provided materials so I can learn more about my view of myself and my emotions. I was able to pinpoint the root ……
Maxine helped me come up with a plan to …… grow emotionally and get out of that vicious cycle.
I am better equipped now ….   I am very grateful for Maxine's coaching sessions and how she genuinely cares for me and my wellbeing. She is very professional and punctual. She takes our coaching sessions very seriously. I don't have anything bad to say about Maxine, on the contrary, she has been very helpful to me in all the conversations we have had. I will recommend her to anyone who wants coaching."   -
M. Becker

Testimonials: Testimonials
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What Clients Are Saying

M. Dhaya

"Maxine’s Niche was perfect for my needs as my expectations were too high and was not achieving the goals and was getting disappointed juggling with emotions and time.


Maxine was a blessing for me in my feeling stuck and burnt out trying to find work life balance. First she totally helped me open up lessening my burden. Made me recognize exactly what I was going through and helping me focus on my why? Inspiring me to use tools to discover and try on my own in my personal life to overcome my day to day hurdles and save energies where I needed to and being kind to myself. 


I learnt to dig deeper in my life cycles with my foundational values to rate where I am at. Maxine really encouraged me to create better smart goals to move forward with my journey with confidence that my choices and my passions are exactly where I need them to be and enjoy moving forward with them no matter the hurdles"

R. Wigle

"I was interested & excited about the opportunity to explore Expectations & the idea of resetting.

Maxine was friendly & very easy to talk to. She sent me some exercises & information about core values which I found to be so helpful for me to understand where my expectations come from & how I can manage the feelings that arise when they are broken or not met by others………..


I feel that I have made progress in this area of my life & that's something that will continue to ripple through my day to daily interactions with others & have a positive effect on my views of myself & the people I engage with.


I will continue to work with Maxine as I feel that what she brings to my life will have everlasting benefits. I would highly recommend Maxine as a coach to anyone that is wanting a compassionate, non-judgmental listener to help them on their journey.  Thank you for showing up, being authentic & giving me the tools & space to grow."

L. Cresci

"Working with Maxine was amazing. Her compassion and empathy set such a lovely tone and safe space in which I was able to just show up as myself and leave any pretenses at the door. Before we met for our session, I was feeling very scattered and disconnected from myself as a coach. Through our coaching discussion, I came to understand that these feelings stem from my level of self-trust and value, and not because I don’t have the knowledge or skills. She challenged me where I needed it and really put my thinking on a new track.


After the session, I had such a level of clarity that I couldn’t have imagined. Maxine was able to guide me to some realizations I had never before considered. All of which have really affected the way I show up for my clients as well as myself. She put me on a new path with better understanding and more confidence. I now go into each coaching session with greater intention and my clients are seeing much better results because of it.


I cannot say enough about Maxine and her amazing instincts and intuition. Her no nonsense approach, challenges you with love and compassion to bring you from where you were to a whole new place. You cannot help but feel totally supported as you reach a new understanding of yourself. Even after 1 session, you will be ready to take on that challenge and create the outcome you sought with ease."

R. Knorr

"Maxine has been a wonderful guide in my journey to self-improvement. She is so positive and easy to talk to. She has given me so many tools to help get me to where I want to be, and I am very grateful and appreciative to have her as a coach and friend."

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